Club Captains


At the beginning of each season, a total of up to four Club Captains (over 12 years of age) are nominated by all registered swimmers. The President and Head Coach hold final decision and will announce Club Captains before the first Upper North Interclub Friday Night.


Club Captains support and promote the club by:

  • Representing the Club in a manner reflecting good sportsmanship, equality and fair play

  • Setting a good example at training nights by being on time and warming up appropriately. Encourage all swimmers to do the same.

  • Assisting younger swimmers or new swimmers with learning how the club trains and competes.

  • Working as a team to assist all members at Friday Night Carnivals.

  • Receiving any trophies awarded and present speeches

  • Prepare a speech and present awards at Club windup


2020/2021 N/A


2019/2020 Jordyn Nicolson, Holly Gulin, George Klemm and Max Smart


2018/19 Emily Smart, Jordyn Nicolson, George Klemm, Max Smart


2017/18 Chloe Smart, Emily Smart, Hannah Watson, Jordyn Nicolson   


2016/17 Chloe Smart, Rachael Hodgson, Emily Samuel, Mabel Arbon


2015/16 Chloe Smart, Alyssa Crisp, Lucy O’Dea, Mabel Arbon


2014/15 Chloe Smart, Rachael Hodgson, Emily Smart, Adam Jackson


2013/14 Chloe Smart, Rachael Hodgson, Adam Jackson


2012/13 Sam Jackson, Adam Reichstein, Chloe Smart


2011/12 Angus Crouch, Bianna Kelly, Maggie Clarke, Adam Reichstein


2010/11 Angus Smart, Adam Reichstein, Isabelle Coates, Chloe Smart