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What is a Scratch Race?

The Term “Scratch Race’ is widely used in swimming and simply means all swimmers begin the race at the same time when the official starts the race with a starting gun.

The winner is determined by who swims the race in the fastest time. (unless disqualified by the referee)


What is a Handicap Race?

A Handicap Race in swimming is designed to give every swimmer an even chance to win the race.

Each Swimmer must declare their swimming time for each race and then is given a starting mark for their race known as a “Go Mark”. Each swimmer will start at a different time determined by their declared swim time.

The winner of the race is determined by the person who touches the wall first and closest to their declared time. (unless disqualified by the referee) If you complete the race faster than your nominated time, you have bettered your time and are not eligible for a placing.