The Crystal Brook Swimming Club participates in the Friday Night Competition Carnivals as part of the Upper North Association.  Carnivals are rotated among the 5 towns, Crystal Brook, Gladstone, Jamestown, Booleroo Centre and Orroroo.  All Carnivals begin with a Warm Up at 7:00pm competition starts at 7:30pm sharp. 

Team Selecting is done each week and every effort is given to ensure each available swimmer has at least 2 swims each.

Points are accumulated throughout the season in the following categories and trophies are awarded to the winning club at the end of the season:

  • Scratch
  • Handicap
  • Teams 
  • Overall


Click on the link below for a printable version of the Friday Night Carnival Dates


2021-2022 Upper North Interclub Friday Night Events


 What to Bring
Swim CapsWater Bottle
Towels x 3Thongs
Change of Warm ClothesHighlighters
Permanent Marker Sunscreen


Canteen facilities are available at each venue providing hot food, drinks, a range of snacks and a BBQ.

Gate Raffles are sold on the night upon entry.

Entry to each venue is free to swimmers and $2 per spectator